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    Increase the chances of your VMS with Bintelan® Video Analytics Platform.
    Several analytics in Security, Access Control and Marketing of best providers.


We have the solution that suits you best.

Video Analytics

All analytics grouped into the best platform on the market.

Every VMS

The only platform capable of uniting the best VMS and all the analytics on the market.


Excellence, experience and exactitude

Team of proffesionals in constant training

A multidisciplinary team of over 25 highly qualified professionals with specific training in each of their areas

Excellence in the product

The video analysis platform and biometric recognition that Ganetec offers its customers, can prevent, protect and provide solutions to the various contingencies that may arise.

Adaptability in our solutions

We create a specific solution that meets the needs of the environment and the customer.

High level of self demand

Our products are designed in an efficient and intuitive way, so that with simple configuration, you can get the best out of our different algorithms.

Constant research to integrate new technologies into our services

Our systems use the best sensors and algorithms on the market to offer customised products to each customer.


We have installed a great number of system installation in over 24 countries across 4 continents.

Bintelan offers you
the best analytics in the market.

We integrate the best VMS

  • From Ganetec Global Solutions, we work on improving every day and incorporating the best VMS on the market.

    Through this integration we reduce the costs required in the implementation of a system, as we adapt to any VMS and infrastructure that a customer may have.