HPC & Big Data

HPC & Big Data Consulting

Big Data and HPC solutions allow you to collect, store, manage and analyze data that will create value and permit innovation much faster than with conventional methods.

Consulting and Projects

Ganetec Global Solutions, through the HPC consulting service, offers both the possibility of consulting in projects currently in operation, and the comprehensive analysis, development and implementation thereof.

HPC Advantages

The Ganetec Global Solutions team has extensive experience in HPC technologies. The experience of our professionals has been evaluated both in small and medium businesses and in large corporations and banks.

The experience in various fields of HPC, full implication in all projects and continuous training, ensures success in all projects undertaken.

Ganetec Global Solutions is aware of the different technologies that form part of the field of HPC, which is why investment in the continuous training of their workers is very important. Our training plan ensures constant learning, strengthening the basic pillars of HPC.

Resource Optimization.

Grid Computing is one of the primary axes of HPC consulting. Grid Computing provides a clear solution to growing needs in computational requirements and best use of current available resources.

Thanks to the use of Grid Computing, Ganetec Global Solutions has improved of the usage ratio of 5000 cores so that over 40% of its current computational capability can be used for other projects. The use of this "new" capacity allowed it to increase and improve the performance of existing processes in various orders of magnitude. These results are possible thanks to the experience of our team and the work methodology of our company.

Use all data providers and find what you want in the shortest time

The evolution in process complexity, new data metrics, and external inputs have made data generation grow exponentially. The data contains valuable information for a company, so it can make the correct decisions. However most companies do not have the necessary infrastructure to process this new amount of data.

The use of technologies such as distributed caching, which reduces the access time to data, or Big data, which enables the management and administration of large volumes of data, are solutions that HPC offers for these issues.

The use of a distributed cache of only 500Mb on a project for a large Spanish bank was the primary supporter of the advantages of this technology. This project demonstrated the potential of this technology, so the client requested its use on other projects. Today we manage a much larger volume of data in caches close to the Terabyte mark with that client.

Power on demand. Whatever you need, when you need it.

Cloud Computing comes from the need to outsource all the administrative and management tasks that IT infrastructure brings. This outsourcing allows the contracting only of the power that you need, when you need it, without having to make an investment to provide these possibilities.

The design of a Grid Computing infrastructure for a given customer covered their needs 84% of the time. However the client was faced with the problem of queuing due to peak loads that exceed the capabilities of the system. Ganetec Global Solutions advised the use of Cloud Computing for those consumption peaks, adapting the infrastructure for moments when compute resources must be overflowed to external resources. This solution postponed the need to acquire new infrastructure allowing investment to be postponed.